Monday, November 25, 2013


Yikes, it's been way too long since I've posted. I always hear people say, I wish I had written down some of the things my kids said - and that's exactly what I want to do with this blog! This is a quick story about Tyler. So, Tyler says, I'm going to invent a hand where each finger shoots out something different. The first finger is a light saber the second finger is a cannon the third finger is a proton torpedo the fourth finger is an ion laser and the last finger shoots coconuts. After the rolling on the floor laughing at the very serious child. Why Tyler? Why coconuts? his answer: they would be a distraction, you know for any Hawaiian bad guys. And anyone else who likes coconuts. priceless. Tristan Story to dad: Dad, I know why we have to stay at Nana and Papa's when mommy goes away for the weekend. Because then in the morning, the people at Costco would get to work and say "Where is Steve?" (insert shrugged shoulder and open hand gesture here) and they wouldn't know because you would have to stay home with us. and then the customers would come to intelliBED and say, "Where is Steve?" and you couldn't be there because you're taking care of us. That's why. priceless. Last night - Tristan asked me, as he just lost a tooth - the tooth fairy is very tiny because she needs to fit into this little pocket where my tooth is. yep. absolutely!

Monday, July 22, 2013


I work full time and I also help run our family business. Some may judge me because I work full time when there is a perception that it would be better for my children if I stayed home. I say "may judge me" because I don't really care. I know that I am where I am supposed to be and doing what I am supposed to be doing. There is also a perception that my life is REALLY BUSY. My life is full, yes, but not busy - not out of control. It is fun. There is routine, lots of free play time, some structured time, time for chores and time for family. For my job I coordinate, support and plan events for the BC Cancer Foundation - and I take my children with me when I can. What this job has allowed is my children to be a part of philanthropy first hand. They have experienced a motorcycle ride for prostate cancer and had the opportunity to sit on a police motorcycle (twice). They've run with me in races, driven with me to the edge of town for ice cream, helped me say thank you to hundreds of people for giving their time and energy for cancer research and this has just become a part of their lives. My children have even given their tithe to me for the cancer patients. The most beautiful donation I have yet to receive. I am grateful for my children and for my job and the grace to be a part of both.

Monday, June 24, 2013


My mom used to say... Yes, I have become the mother of repetitive phrases. Praying that some of them stick. "Take a deep breath and take a step back" - this is my answer for anger. The breath gives you a moment to collect yourself and the step back, well, that's because your body seriously wants to do SOMETHING, like hitting the brother, so this gives it something to do; hopefully avoiding the brother, or at least putting you a little out of range, so when you swing, you'll miss. (I try). In addition to that I've had to add a new one - Tyler came home from school and said that anger made you stronger because one of the kids at school (sigh), had stronger muscles when he was angry. so.... "Control makes you stronger than anger". Thank God for Tae Kwon Do and Master Smith - the perfect example. Does Master Smith stay in control? yes. Is he the strongest person ever? yes. Think about it. Well, that should hold them until they watch the HULK. This next one ties into the but-the-kids-at-school hubbledeefubble. "At the end of the day - you have to look YOURself in the mirror". Whatever the others do, wrong or right, you have to make your own choices and YOU have to live with them. This is a new one, but I don't think it will be the last time I say it. They are starting to make their own choices but I can only give my children tools to handle situations, to make good decisions, and to discern right/wrong. One I haven't used yet but I firmly believe in: "be thrifty with things and generous with people.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


So Tyler has ideas of starting schools - whatever is most interesting to him at the moment, he will start a school for that. The first one was a construction school for 4 year olds (he was 5 at the time). He would teach them every Saturday to build bridges, but don't worry mommy, he said, we'll start with something easy - just a suspension bridge. As we are currently in a nerf-gun phase of a young boy's life - Tyler is going to set up a bullet dodging school. So he made up what you are called at every level of your training... Level one: first day-er Level two: beginner level three: dodger Level four: Better level five: end-er level six: end-er plus

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


My letter to a friend It is so awesome to see how excited you are to be a parent and I believe you will be a most awesome father. I am giving you unsolicited advice. Get quiet and really let God prepare you for this – having a child will teach you in a way you can’t imagine about God’s love for you (I seriously don’t know how God didn’t wipe out mankind after the first slash on Jesus’ back) and for that fact alone it is worth it. You will never agin be able to say “I just want to…” or “my plan is to…” or anything that starts with “me” or “I”. Every trial and hardship is magnified one hundredfold because you are responsible for someone incapable of being responsible for themselves. They will always want to be fed – especially when you want to go in a corner and cry. You will never get to feel sorry for yourself again – ever – you can’t – it is no longer allowable, not even once. You will be pushed to your limit physically, mentally and spiritually and every day you have to be one step ahead. You do not get to relax or you will fail. This is harsh – parenting is harsh – it is forever – it is serious and requires a level of selflessness and faith that I never thought possible. You will see yourself imbedded in another person – all your faults and quirks in full force without the years of softening and you can see the pain and trials this will bring to another through no fault of their own but rather by genetic design and the choices YOU have made for them. Your choices now affects someone else directly and your mistakes are open wounds on an innocent face. You will never be “ready” to have children – you will only be ready to be obedient to God – ask Him to show you His ways and teach you his paths. They will; however, fetch the remote control for you.

Friday, November 23, 2012


Do you believe in ghosts? Honestly – when it comes right down to it – what do you really feel about this? My youngest told me this morning that he saw a shadow that looked kind of like me walking across the room and then disappeared. It wasn’t a shadow from the window or in the closet – it was like “something that walks a few steps and then disappears” Wow – the child can’t lie – he isn’t delirious – it was 6am and dark outside and he had just snuggled himself in our bed but he was awake. What do you think then when your child believes. Me, I have a healthy respect for the spirit world and believe that our battle isn’t against flesh and blood… Still, Prayed the blood of Jesus Christ over my house let me tell you…


It's all about the numbers right now. Tyler is 6 and loves loves loves the numbers. Time is now 60 seconds is one minute and minutes to hours. We count down days. At night Steve and Tyler do math at the table, thinking up equasions to trick each other. They are on division right now and a little bit of algebra. We are a bit totally way past 2 boys plus 3 girls equals 5 children. It's more like 500 dump trucks plus how many bulldozers equals 962 pieces of equipment? Yesterday Tyler got on the scale and informed us that he weighs 50 pounds! and then he got really excited and as he put it - now I'm halfway to mommy's weight. Dead silence in the house until my very handsome and wise husband said "yes, that's absolutely correct Tyler". Yah, he's totally my favourite son right now!